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Tornado hand cultivator and Tornado Mini cultivator
Почвообрабатывающее орудие

" bsp "nbspsp " , the processing of land by the owners of long-distance plots is always handicapped by hard labour. By digging the earth with a shovel or wielding for hours, even very strong people feel tired, and sometimes the pain of the muscles and joints of the back and legs. What about older persons, women or those suffering from spinal and joint diseases? It's all because when a scapegoat copy, a man worships his back and he's very screwing his spine.
" nbsp " bsp " Tornado Riverthe newly introduced SPB market, as no other manual instrument allows for easy streaming and extracting the roots of weeds. In doing so, a man working with him will not accept uncomfortable positions. Special advantage Tornado cultivator It's that he's allowed to work with his back. The spine load on the cultivator is minimal and is equitably distributed among the hand, back, abdominal and leg groups. The use of this tool can be compared to the load during the fitness exercise.
" bsp " nbsp, buying a Tornado manual cultivator at our Cupcino Metro store, you can plug and bleach the soil, set up planting holes, remove weeds, cultivate soil around long-term fruit plants without damage to their root system, develop whole areas.

Special features of a hand-holder clerk, Tornado:

  • Scans and prepares soil 20 cm deep. It doesn't turn the fertile plate of the earth. Maintains soil structure, microorganisms, moisture, rain worms. Improved air and water treatment of the soil layer.
    "nbsp "nbsp " Tornado manual cultivator as follows: The instrument slightly compresses the working part to the soil and turns around 60 degrees in the pen. As a result, the teeth are forced into the ground by raising the underneath the land plate, and by cutting it. All the roots in the land are on the surface.
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Культивация картошки ручным культиватором. Hand cultivator.
Культивация картошки ручным культиватором. Hand cultivator.
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