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Купить бензокосу Stern

HITACHI CG 27 EAS-NB code 73662

We'll deliver it today from 4:00 to 22:00 within the CID for 150 roubles.

power 1, 2 l.s., Lesca/Louis instrument, type of engine 2 tactical, Hitachi engine, track 2, 4 to 3 mm, mass 5, 1 kg

HITACHI CG 22 EAS-NB code 57126

0, 8 l.s., Lesca/Louis instrument, type of engine 2 tactical, Hitachi engine 2 to 2, 7 mm, mass 4, 7 kg

HITACHI CG 31 EBS code 73664

power 1, 4 l.s., Lesca/Les instrument, type of engine 2 tactical, Hitachi engine, track 2, 4 to 3, 3 mm, mass 6, 7 kg

For almost 100 years, HITACHI has produced only quality and reliable equipment of various uses. Buying a tool under the Hitachi mark, you can be sure of his efficiency, economy and optimal combination of price.

Presented at the Kuvald store, the Hitachi Benzocos, meets all the modern requirements and is capable of clearing vast territory not only from the grass, but also from the handicraftsman. It allows us to work in spaces with a complex relay and sharply stow grass around saturation, under decorative arches and bridges, near the walls of buildings, around conversations, etc. In short, Hitachi's motocosis not only allows for the clean-up of the extra grass on the tracks and gasolines, but is also capable of scrutinizing the work of senior classrooms.

Benzokos of the Hitachi have many functions, for example, they are equipped with rubbers to remove the densely magnified craftsmen, may cut bitches, have several species of different kinds of landings by which the edges of the clums and gasolines are treated. With manufacturers taking care to reduce the vibration level, the tool is well balanced and is not exhausting the operator.

If you need a motoc from Hitachi, go to Quald's store. Only here are you expecting the most pleasant prices for this brand, as well as the ability to acquire many useful tools for different purposes.

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