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Art is living beautifully ten years ago between houses on the street. ♪ ♪.
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The arts live beautifully
Ten years ago, there was a good children's playground between the houses on New Delhi, but after repairing the waterway, there were holes, broken swings and a car. The residents have repeatedly requested help in modernizing the courtyard to the administration of the Lubin City settlement, and this year we have been heard.
Great assistance has been provided to us by the GS Werescus, which is managed by Elena Butrutdinov. We've got sand, soil, pits, sandbags. Thank you very much for the company.
It's been a while since I settled in House No. 8. The new wonderful family of Vladimir and Ludmila Towerhobov. You can say that with their arrival, they started in our yard of change. Vladimir, our chief engineer, made new swings, invented and embedded a cross-section.
At House No. 6, Ule. News lives, perhaps, the most experienced, hard-working flower of Hope. It's not one year since our yard is drowning in the colors of her hands! Her husband, Yuri Damnskin, is a lot of exemplary examples, and she's got a new craft! Your hands were made by the pieces of a bucket, scratchy-headed, rubber-clothed bear.
Sergei and I were smashing Nyushu's lead from the Smashariki Multh. I love trees, planted bereza, oak, serene, blind, apple-bearing, bat-bags last year. The towers were brought by the kedra, eating, leaflets, jasmine, chimney.
The Nicolai and Galina Redico family are always involved in the improvement of the courtyard. Galina invented an unusual horse from a normal bereza: dug up poles, washed a horse's face, sewed two saddles. And there's a tail and a mushroom at our horse. Thank you, Margarita Karpez, Denis Konaev, N.A. Volyovova, L.A. Rybalova, the family of the Plotnikovs, all who help to build the yard.
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