Benzotrimmer Steel

Stihl fs 55
Триммер бензиновый Stihl FS 38

Benzotrimmer Stihl FS 55 is a powerful (750 wattt) and a convenience (instruction is equipped with two pens and a wheat belt) of a motoc that can work with both a car head with a left and two tears, depending on the vegetation on the site.

A causal head with a stacked leather is the most convenient thing to use to cut soft grass.

Steel knives can handle both wildlife and young artisanal.

Using convenient and manoeuvring Steel motocos FC 55 can be easily touched by diversities on a large landing area in places of difficult accessibility, around trees, coloured clumbing, smorid bites and a neighbouring fence. In addition, the capacity of the two-stroke engine and the reliability of the vehicle ' s structure with the reserve is sufficient for the utility.

Technical characteristics:
Total length: 1.72 m
Fuel tank capacity: 0.33 l
Mass: 5 kg
Power: 1.0 l.s. / 0.75 kW
Working volume: 27.2 cubic cm

Мотокоса Stihl FS 55
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