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Tornado cultivators
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The advantages of the new cultivator are user-friendliness, simplicity of assembly and excellent economics. The storm is magnificently managed by any soil structure, has a pen length control function (in terms of user growth) and drilling depth. Super Bour Tornado has come to the shower. a large number of gardeners - amateurs.

According to the feedback, this model is almost four times higher than plastic storms, and it works five times better than schnekovs. Prices of the instrument are available within thousands of roubles and a guarantee period of over 10 years.

Культиватор торнадоThe Thornado garden villas are a suitable tool to carry out work in the shed, hay, heavy-ground processing, during planting. Sufficient weight (more than polyclograms) and the presence of solid calcified teeth contribute to significant efforts in the implementation of the work. For greater resistance to loads, the pen was made of metal. For quality soil processing The tool has provided footholds to help make the work process accessible and convenient.

The benefits are long periods of service, all weather conditions and a democratic price (about 800 roubles).

Торнадо - культиваторTornado's snow, sand, grain without effort and load on the lumbar. Blade has less than two kilos of weight. A special tube with a small diameter, strong and light during operation was used for the manufacture of the silver. Soc is made of plastic, not afraid of low temperatures and sufficiently strong. The lopata is intended to facilitate the work of the horticulture-driver. It should be easy and practical, convenient and ergonomic (safe) - that is what the Tornado should have. A scape in an esteticly decorated, beautiful package can be made a great low-cost gift, which will always contribute to the creation of a good mood and the admiration of gardeners.

Вид культиватора торнадо Применение культиватора торнадо
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