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How to choose a garden hand dispenser
купить распылитель ручной

The slurry sprayer is an indispensable tool for any horticulture that is designed to spray the greens of different pest and disease control products. Healthy plants are a prerequisite for their good species and as a result of this and the appearance of the landing site. In addition, the process of spraying is not only the plant for the decoration of the Territory, but also the fruit culture to make you a great harvest.

Sad dispensers or sprayers are used to significantly simplify the spraying procedure, which consists of the introduction of different biological and poisonous chemicals to control insects and microorganisms. Some plants require external feeding, which can also be sprayed.

garden spray varieties

Dumpers have a fairly large variety, taking into account a number of different parameters that affect not only the characteristics of the dispensers but also the usability of the use. In order to correctly select a garden dispenser for specific needs, each species must be met.

Hands garden sprayers

Pumping garden sprayers are the simplest equipment for pest and disease treatment, consisting of a normal plastic tank on which a pump can be fitted to create pressure inside the receptacle. This pressure shall be required that after the lever is pressurized, the liquid leaves the stack of the propeller. A button is sometimes placed instead of a lever. The triggers are usually on the spray handle.

The retractor is manually simple in its design and volume. Given that the equipment is in hand, it is generally not more than 2 litres. There's less room. 0, 4-1, 5 l♪ In addition to the main components, the manual pump device shall include:

  • Special filter, which is in front of the fork to prevent the spray.
  • Forsuka is directly the dispensing element. May be adjusted to the required nature of the sample fluid.
  • A mortal scale that shows the level of filling of the receptacle.
  • Excess air outlet valve from the tank.

The hand-holder should be used in small areas, as their application significantly limits the small capacity.

Pump time sprayers

This model will significantly speed up and simplify the processing of the garden, as its capacity is greater, as opposed to a manual sprayer. It can be 3-12 l. For the ease of transport to the receptacle, the belt is fixed, so it is behind your back, and only the branch remains in hand.

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