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Top 10 of the best moths (cultivators)
Рейтинг культиваторов

Let's say there's a little difference between the motobs and the cultivators. In general similarities, the motobs have greater functionality, except for flashes, they can be used to incinerate, clean the snow, transport the cargo.

Recent models of cultivators are equipped with special hinged equipment to use them in an " extended " mode. That is why it can be said that the border between the aggregates is becoming more blurry, and it is clear that the border between the aggregates is becoming more blank. Motocles and cultivators grouped together.


A gas moto cultivator for limited spaces. It's perfect for an outbreak and the handling of a team, palads, greenhouses. For one passing, the treated strip is 24 cm wide.

Produced in the PRC, the guarantee for the mechanism is 12 months.


  • Small (18, 2 kg) weight - provides easy control;
  • A two-stroke engine with a power of 1, 70 l.s., is designed to process the rig;
  • In the kits, two tarps;
  • The depth of the outbreak is 220 mm, on the scapula;
  • tank volume - 1, 3 l;
  • having one speed ahead.


  • There's a need for a constant lubrication in the editor.

It's said it's fast, it's good to dig, the land's blank. At the beginning, it feels like a lack of weight, but then hands get used to it. A good model for small plots of land and greenhouses. The ratio of " quality " is acceptable.


Benzin cult with engine power 5, 5 l.s. Active use for the processing of medium-sized gardens and gardens. There's a good width of seizure, 60 cm. Engine's four-stroke. Possibly use dirt and pluga.

Produced in China, guarantee for the mechanism is one year.

  • A powerful engine (volume - 163 cm3) - allows for rapid outbreaks and treatment not only of streams but also of whole areas;
  • The good depth of the outbreak is 300 mm, suitable for planting potatoes and other vegetables;
  • The reversing and the transport wheel shall ensure the manoeuvrability of the service surface;
  • The basic kit consists of four tariffs, as well as protective discs, stash, transport wheel;
  • Two speeds ahead and back.
  • Big weight is 44, 5 kg.

Well, according to the feedback, a great machine with high efficiency, simple in management. Manoeuvre, it's easy to get back to the ground under the burial. For pensioners, it's hard.

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