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Mantis cultivators
Мотоблоки и культиваторы

Light superpower or magic Mantis cultivator

When selecting the moto cultivator, it is worth drawing attention to the Mantis cultivator, who assessed the gifts of many countries! By becoming better every year, it has always been very light and reliable. Power combined with compact and convenience is what this technique is!

His gasoline 4-stroke engine is very powerful, but it's quiet and simple. No extra movement to make oil and gas mixtures, storage care consists of cleaning surfaces, gasoline and filter cleaning. Mantis incineration system - electronic type, it and a well-designed fuel button removes the model from all gasoline deficiencies orchard equipment

This light (approximately 9 kg) and a compact American magic assistant with a Japanese engine will replace not only a shovel and a sap, but also a mini-tractor or a gasoline. A lot of extra stitches, compactness, easy move, manoeuvrability, design-- that's the first thing that's left in the eye.
The possibilities of this technique are simply animated - cultivation, outbreak, mudding, haircut, swelling, and that's a lot of useful operations. Originary knives not only cut the weeds, but also take them to the surface.

For each dorm, there's a mantis technology modification, mini cultivators of the most diverse set and power. But the whole model series is impressed by the sophisticated equipment, the unusual approach to caring for land, and, of course, the maximum relief of human labour.

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