Cultivator Garden

Садовый ручной культиватор

The cultivator is for processing land. For some models, additional tools can be attached.

The garden cultivator is necessary where other machines cannot be performed, between trees or other uncomfortable places. The manual is designed specifically to deal with complex, difficult or small areas of land. The device may also be used by representatives of the weak gender.

They can be classified as light, medium, heavy. There are different mass models, the smallest is 9 kg and the largest is about 100 kg. Regardless of class, the smallest of them can process the land up to 25 cm. This indicator is excellent for quality soil processing.

Cultivators are both electrical and petrol. Two or four contact engines are electrically equipped. It is only necessary to start working with him to include him in the power unit. Electrical connections only have light hand garden models that serve as small area treatment.

Petrol cultivators

Moto cultivators are petrol cultivators. They have some difficulty in using. In order to start working with him, it is filled with 92-95 stamps mixed with oil, or in a proportion, the operation may result in a rapid deterioration of the parts.

Models with a two-stroke engine have a low price and simpler operating, but they lose fuel because they spend more.

When selecting a manual petrol model, it is necessary to see the quality of the land, the depth of the penetration. Attention should be drawn to the area that it handles once: the greater the distance the less distance is required in soil processing.

Electrical and petrol orchard motors They're multifunctional. They are composed of plugs, gasoline, pump, and gasoline granules, brush brush between the tiles on the tropin.

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