Cultivator Of Price Mole

Dr. dde v750ii mole-2
Мотокультиватор крот

DDE V750II CROP-2 is a powerful machine designed for outbreaks, purges, plant leaching. The aggregate is equipped with a gasoline engine of 6, 5 l.s. Acute cut-offs provide high soil treatment. The maximum width of single passage shall be 600 mm and the maximum depth shall be 250 mm.

Technical characteristics of the DDE V750II CROP-2 cultivator

  • Power: 6, 5 ls;
  • Working volume: 196 cm3;
  • Treatment width: 600 mm;
  • Treatment depth: 250 mm;
  • Speeds: 1+1;
  • Net weight: 50 kg.

Description of cultivator DDE V750II CROP-2

DDE V750II CROP-2 is designed for intensive soil handling of different density. With spicy soil frustration, it can float the ground, drain, dig plants.

The main advantage of the DDE V750II CROP-2 cultivator is a powerful four-stroke petrol engine. This means that the machine operates autonomously and can be used in any corner of the garden for a long time, the volume of the fuel tank allows. The engine capacity is 6, 5 l.s. It means that the cultivator can handle even solid soils.

The maximum width of the cult is 600 mm and 250 mm deep. The specified processing depth shall be fixed by a special recorder. An important part is a plant protection shield that is not designed for processing.

The handler is very manoeuvre. His center of gravity is slightly shifted back, so it's pretty easy to run the aggregate. Two gears (front and rear) facilitate movement on the non-region surface. The wheels located below the rear panel further facilitate the movement of the aggregate.

To make the most comfortable work, the cultivator is equipped with a handle with soft, non-sliding sheets. Its level can be adjusted according to the operator ' s individual requirements.

If necessary, the cultivator may be equipped with additional equipment (trun-chain, potato). This will expand the scope of the car.

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