Cultivator Salute

Motoculator "salute 3" is the younger brother of the motoblock
Мотоблок Салют 5

The Salut store of the MSF provides a wide range of small-scale mechanizations for garden and communal works.

Motoculator device.

Steel cuts ensure effective soil processing.

At times, the work on the bay is turned into a cliff after the weekends of the day, the back, the hands are covered by mosles. How do we avoid these troubles? The answer is simple - there is a need to appeal for small mechanization. We've already told you about the Salut-5 motobs that are being manufactured at the Moscow Salute Company, which specializes in the manufacture of aviation engines (see Science and Life No. 3, 2004). These universal mechanisms can do a wide variety of work: torment land, torch, to cut sorcerers, torch, torch, torch grass, torch gasons, to pump water, to clean the fall leaves, to clear the snow paths, to transport the load in a cart. They are optimal for crops and medium-sized long-distance areas, ranging from 10 to 20 juices.

Among the millions of gardens and long-distance areas that are densely scattered around towns, there are very small areas, with only six nets. Typically, these sites are not used for a decade, and the soil on them is so "cultivated," that it is inappropriate to acquire a motob. So the experts from the design office of the People ' s Consumption Products, the Salut, created a simplified model based on a motorblock, the Salut-3 motoculator.

Unlike moto cultivator has a chain handler and a cultivation brace in place of wheels, which significantly reduces its cost. Testing of the Salut-3 moto-culptures has shown that for small gardens, it is an ideal machine capable of carrying out agrotechnical operations, from cultivating land and slicing to cleaning potato. The Salut-3 motto is designed for low, up to 25 cm, soil processing (plastic festration), rustration, rivalry, interoperability and other work in precipitation, peri-urban and long-distance areas.

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