Client For Purpose

Small technician at six junctions
Культиватор для целины

It's not big, but mountains dig.

The electric handler is easy to handle, but it's not good for a flash.

Hand cults in the household is only a useful addition to a more serious technique.

A little bit like a tractor.

Species and assignment of small equipment.

Motoculator in the transport position.

Heavy motor units may operate with trailer and hinged equipment.

The Nova machines are easily managed with the dispensation of the target.

Tab. 1.

The Cot Motor has served Russian gardeners for decades.

The same mole with the imported engine.

Tab. 2.

The motorblock, equipped with a seat-adapter and plug, is transformed into a real mini-actor.

It's a lot of money to dig, it'll confirm any lucky guy. Even if in the family, a man hates to engage in a garden, spring and fall, he's still taking a shovel and digging, digging, digging to a lomoth in his back and pain in other vital organs. And by the side of the engine, in the blue smoke of the exhaust gas, a moto cultivator crawls in a good section, followed by a proud neighbour. Having seen how quickly the area of unsuccessful land is declining, and compared with its own achievements, the masterpiece itself comes to a solution: the proportion of hard work, only technological progress will be free from the peripheral tract. As in the past, the iron assistant is not cheap either, so all the difficulties and costs ahead must be weighed.

In this article, we will consider mechanisms for processing land. We're dealing with a flash, a cult, a slice, a slice, a spray. Areas that need to be processed are different in the area, the terrain and configuration, so the devices for processing are also large. They're separated by device and power, and of course by size. The price variation corresponds to the diversity of the proposed trade in products.

Separate land processing mechanisms to groups. Deviation is conditional and it allows for deviations. I'll tell you at once that the boundary between the moto cultivator and the lung motor is quite blurry. A pusher with a rear and a power of 4 l.s. is quite likely to be called a motorblock.

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