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Vulnerators and motorblocks
Daewoo DAT 1700E

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Cultivators and motorblocks are devices designed for land work in the dash, garden and agricultural areas. Used for soil processing, surface leveling, soil irrigation and weed destruction. It may also be used for tidal boreholes and mineral fertilizers.


All cultivators are assigned to:

  • Ferry (prescribed for continuous surface processing);
  • propane (for intermediary treatment);
  • Special.

The lateral modifications are used to care for parcels in preparation for crops. Pre-conditional soil cultivation takes place a few days after the war. Past cultivators are used for the intermediary treatment, soil spraying in between rites, maiming and destruction of weeds. Fishing contributes to the conservation of soil moisture, improving the food and air treatment of plants. Special cultivators are designed to care for bachelor, beetle, cotton, tea plantations and gardens.

The type of engine differs:

  • Electrical;
  • petrol.

Electric models with a light structure (up to 30 kg), simples in care and management. They have average power levels, because they are used in small-time areas. Benzin cultivators are powerful large-scale devices weighing 50 to 90 kg capable of handling large areas but more noise and complex in use.

Design features

Instead of wheels, the cultivators are equipped with special frequencies that facilitate the retraction of the apparatus forward and the sight of the land. Productivity depends on engine power and the width of the tarp. Some models have a back and two to three speeds. Safety is provided by an emergency lever enabling the aggregation to be stopped when necessary.

Many models contain a set of replacement working bodies. Core elements: universal, flat and dilapidated paws.

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