Electrical Injection

Electrical Comfort

The problem of pests and plant diseases is usually encountered by all the pests at an early date. You don't want to, but you have to spray trees or artisanals or berries and vegetables with different drugs.

Before this summer, I used it. Hand-held sprayer pump:

It's a nightmare, my hands are staring. The work of spraying turned into torture and I pulled it off as I could, as a result of the harvest.

This year we bought an electric heater, "Comfort." He's a battery, he doesn't need a manual pumping, just pouring a solution, turning a tombler and ready, starting to jump. It's very nice, small fog of the big radius. The retractor is equipped with a tilt filter, a set of four species dispensers, a portable belt, and I don't use it, so I immediately took off, and a telescope outlet from the stain.

There were concerns about the battery, its recharge, as there is negative experience in the use of battery garden scissors:-

Turns out I doubted it for nothing. I've been jumping after the charge four times in five volumes of tenlitre sprayers, which means I've sprayed 200 litres. The seller made sure that one charge would last summer.

When the electric retractor was chosen from a variety of models and firms, it stopped at our domestic manufacturer, set the best price - 3230.00 p. and 10l. and good working pressure-0.55mP.

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