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Motocos selection: to draw attention to
Выбор мотокосы: на что

motokosa.jpgMotocos is an excellent tool for keeping the gasoline in good condition. The weeds, the high grass and the small handicrafts will no longer give you dissatisfaction. You'll have no difficulty in constructing the territory around your country house, creating an inexorable landscape design.

The analysis of the models presented on the market should perhaps begin with the engine of the motoc:

  1. The internal combustion engine fuelled with petrol is one of the most common. Such equipment is of high power and mobility, which is achieved by the absence of additional devices in the form of connecting cables and other wires. It can be used on any site, not restricting freedom of movement. One of the disadvantages of such motocos is their significant weight, which slightly complicates the work, as the load is entirely on the hands of the operator leading the instrument. Petrol motoces They also require frequent maintenance and fuel costs and have higher initial costs.
  2. The electric motor means the power of the aggregate from the network through the cord that is supplied in the kit. In that case, you won't have to think about regular refuelling and additional fuel costs. However, the capacity of such equipment sometimes deteriorates to the petrol tool several times. Moreover, the capacity of electrical equipment is largely limited to the length of the cab, which prevents the free movement of the territory. The weight of the electric motor is less than that of petrol, and it is considered more accessible. The use of technology only in areas where electricity is available is a significant gap.
  3. Accumulators are completely autonomous from power sources and incendiary mixtures. The operating principle of such engines is to start the engine from the chargeable battery. Its power will be much smaller than the first two, making such a technique less universal.
The choice of motocs other than the engine type shall be based on other criteria, including the hull structure. This is primarily about the modification of the pants. It could be direct or inverted. The first option is to have a reader through which the power of rotation is transferred directly to the leather (or other cutters). In some models, there is only one editor located in the upper part, and in the other two of them, one upstairs and one downstairs. In a stained braces, the transmission of traffic occurs through the steel cable, which is considered less reliable.

When selecting the moto, the weight of the equipment, which consists not only of the working system but also of the hull, must not be forgotten. It can be made of metal or plastic. The latter will be lighter, but less solid. If you're going to purchase a motor coconut for professional use, your attention should also be drawn to the area of treatment that is drawn from the width and the height of downloading.

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