Neva motobs and cultivators
Мотоблок FORTE - HSD1G-81Е

Культиватор Нева МК-200-Б750 - 773The Nev MK-70 motto cultivator is simple in management and compact, perfect for the effective performance of normal long-term work. With Briggs inputStratton.

21990 a

MK-200 Nova Motor, the first force cultivator designed specifically to take account of the characteristics of Russian soils and designed for intensive and multifunctional use at any time of the year. With Briggs inputStratton. In a set of four braces.

27300 a

MK-200 Nova Motor, the first force cultivator designed specifically to take account of the characteristics of Russian soils and designed for intensive and multifunctional use at any time of the year. Honda's engine. In a set of four braces.

Культиватор НЕВА МК-80-С5.0 Реверс - 21431250 a

MB-2 is a powerful and high-produced motob for any soil, including its purpose. Thanks to its robust design, the Neva MB-2 motobs will carry out the full range of agricultural operations in large areas for years.

With the BRIGGS STRATTON engine. The kit is composed of ears, elongators of axles.

37500 a

With the engine Subaru. The kit is composed of ears, elongators of axles.

43500 a

With Briggs inputStratton. The kit is composed of ears, elongators of axles.

A headlamp, an electric craft and a battery.

44500 a

Honda's engine. The kit is composed of ears, elongators of axles.

45900 a

47500 a

The Nev MB-23 is the strongest and most productive motob in the line. It is suitable for soil treatment for any difficulty, including purpose.

51900 a

52990 a

Diesel is a small fuel flow and a high torque. The motorblock is easy to handle any difficulty.

With the diesel engine Subaru. The kit is composed of ears, elongators of axles.

75900 a

78890 a

81500 a

88950 a

Neva ' s light-walling equipment will quickly remove the territory through powerful and functional equipment.Мотоблок НЕВА МБ-2С-6.5 Pro - 221 Don't let your motorblock get cold without winter!

Snow-walling equipment is compatible with all Nev's motobs, as is the MK-200 cultivator.

With a strong OHV engine adapted to winter use and the two-tier SnowLine 620 II, 620 E II, 700 E and 760 TEs are as simple as possible. The treatment of snow with heated punctures (in models 700 E, 760 TE) and electric craft (in models 620 E II, 700 E, 760 TE) will be even more comfortable, which guarantees rapid engine start even in the freeze. And the large width of the seizure (up to 76 cm) allows for the removal of tons of snow in a very short time.

Мотоблок НЕВА МБ-2Б 6.0 (фара+стартер) - 719 Мотоблок НЕВА МБ-23С-9.0 Pro - 225 Мотоблок дизельный НЕВА МБ-23СД-23 - 667 Мотоблок дизельный НЕВА МБ-23СД-23 с фарой - 669

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