Bab vanga
Бензотриммер с неразборной
The law of subtleness works. When you have a day off, it's raining, it's raining, it's raining, it's a hurricane, and more often it's all together, and it's not a cloud on the sky, and it's warm enough to get a sand and swallow to the horizon. This time, it's Saturday, Sunday 16 and 17 July 2016. The Pechores stopped raining, and it's really hot. But it is these days that I've been on duty at a customs warehouse where I'm working.

Well, that's not bad. I've decided to spend time with a good case, and toss the grass on the open site, which will be empty for two years, waiting for its cargo. Sanctions, you know...

I like working in fresh air with gasoline trimmers. Monotonic physical work is rather tiring, but it helps to clean up the brain, and calmly think about the meaning of what's going on, or dive into memories, to find some hook-ups in the past that make sense of what's happening today.

Recent developments are so rapid that there is no doubt that all of them are the turn of one action planned and carried out in the interest of one will. Not good, of course. It feels like if there's no terrorist attack or coup tomorrow, people will feel an information hunger, a state of time. They'll get lost, and they won't know what to talk about.

I wonder where the next coup will happen. In Azerbaijan? Kazakhstan? Kirgisia? And all of these " sensations " are purely aimed at blowing up the " information storm " but not at achieving the declared goals. So something's going on in a very important way, in the eyes of everyone, but our view is constantly trying to turn away from this important thing, to turn the idea into secondary, but huge events. What's going on?

I don't think many would be surprised if I told you that, like some other "new-of-the-art victims, I thought I'd dig into old prophecy and predictions. Since Syria is now the most important " business " in the construction of the future of the Earth, it is no surprise that the prophecy of Vangui, in which it referred to that country, has come to remember.

In order to prevent the " silverware " , which is always likely to be in the absence of original information, found a transcript of that prediction, and stumbled...

“I am often asked whether this time will soon come for the Third World War and Apocalypse around the world? But I always say no, not soon. Because Syria didn't. She will soon fall to the legs of the winner, but the winner will be the wrong one. "

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