Simple geometry, or enough grief! ♪.
Не дорого куплю триммер с

Simple geometry,
Don't worry.
♪ - I told myself. - Enough! Stop grieving on endless streams, and then for a month before midnight to conserve crops. The forces are not...
I'll leave three apples on the precinct - the summer class, the fall, the winter, a few cherries and plums, a couple of bruises, and a dozen bites of malina. I'll sow the unpleasant flowers - single-year-olds, I'll buy a trimmer and a gamaxy so that by resting between the senocos, I'll love the station.
Dreaming for a safe life, I was looking for the characteristics of the gas coconut on the Internet, and suddenly I ran into an article that I couldn't get away from... Mel Bartholomew, Engineering and Businessman argued that they had a simple and effective system that could raise as many vegetables as needed, with minimal labour and time horticulture on square feet.
That's what I need! Strict grass and several squares (30x30 cm square feet) planted with different crops - vegetables, flowers, buckles and medicinal grass. However, it is clear that seeds and scatters are saved, and their numbers are easily calculated in advance. It's not going to be hard to prepare and to prepare, all you need is a compost and a bit of fertilizer. It's easy to take care of and, if necessary, to set up shelter. Such work will be done by people of any age, complementation and experience, and especially by a long-term gardener!
And my squares are triangles!
The land was dry on the precinct, and I took the case. First of all, it turns out that square 30x30 is too small, and secondly, I've never been able to make an absolute bracket, no matter how much material I've taken. By the way, I didn't use the chiff and plastic bottles for this purpose. Professionals claim that they release harmful substances. Let my harvest be small, but clean! By the way, a few beautiful wolf stones came up, a gun of a sleeping apple and thick slices. They've identified the shape-- my square feet are... triangle.
Vegetables, flower, buckle, unite!
In the winter, I pointed out what kind of crops can be combined on the same land, because, as we know, well-founded couples are more resistant to any adverse conditions.
For example, the odor of selery scares butterflies.
The tomatoes planted between the wings protect him from the pilgrim and the fire.
The joint planting of cucumbers and maize is for both.

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