How To Choose A Moto

How to choose a moto, what to draw attention to
Как выбрать мотокосу

Как выбрать мотокосуWe'll talk to you about the moto coconuts, you'll find out of it, How to choose a motocwhat kinds of motoscos are and what they are.

The time of romance is a little racing in the summer, less willing to get up with the first lights of the sun, and touch the grass before the roses go. Of course, there are advantages in this exercise, unity with nature and all that, but as practice in life shows, people are increasingly resorting to new technologies, such as or, instead of a normal coin, using motocos. Let's figure out together what a motoc is, what its strengths and flaws are, and let's help you. Choose a moto.

So you decided to buy MotocosWhat do you need to know when you go to the store?

Motocos cutter

The first thing you need to draw attention to when choosing a moto coconut is a type of cutting instrument, it's different from a staircase to a knife, it all depends on the work you intend to do with the machine. If you buy Motocos, just to fight the weeds on the precinct, you'll be able to get an aggregate equipped with a nylon leather, if your tasks are much wider, like you need to equal the bushes, or at your precinct, you're gonna have to buy the knives. There are universal options that work with both leather and knives.

Motocos power

Как выбрать мотокосу, мотокоса, мотокосыThe second thing you're supposed to be interested in is the power of the engine that has a motocos. Motocos power is measured in kilowattts or in horsepower, which is habitual, 1 kilowatt = 1, 36 horsepower. Before you choose the moto, you must be determined with an estimated area of future work, from which you choose the power of the moto coconut, for a small section, enough power to 1 kilowatt, if you have a large area of work, then you need to buy a multi-kilowat moto.

Type Motocos engine

Motocos engine type depends, lots, weight, noise, power, reliability, most motocos are equipped with a two-stroke engine, but lately, more popular, four-stroke, they weigh more, but they're stronger, reliable and not as loud as their younger collectors.

Weight of coconuts

When you choose a moto, pay attention to her weight, it doesn't seem so important at first, but trust me after hours of work, you'll be very excited about this. Motocosweight fluctuates between 4 and 8 kilograms than the size of the cos, the heavier, the most common category of motocos, the cos of the mean power, so it weighs about 6 to 7 kilograms. When you buy, see that there's a special belt in the kit, which motocos is attached to the body and hands, with their help, work will be much easier.

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