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Like a trimmer or a moto coconut
Мотокоса-триммер Forward CG430
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If the gasolines are designed to work on the regular surfaces, the motocos or the trimmers will help you smash the grass at any site. Depending on the model, you will be able to get rid of not only grass, snoring and scapula, but also of an unnecessary handicraft, potassium and even thin-colored trees. We hope that with the help of our recommendations, you can find exactly what you need.

1. Electrical or petrol engine

Electric trimmers are a little easier than gasoline in operation. They're perfect for small plots. The engine can be down there or upstairs.
Trimmers with lower engine position are primarily intended to dose the grass that did not reach the gasoline or the small shell in front of the house. As the engine is down, it is exposed to moisture and dust. So avoid working on the wet grass and keep the engine warm. Recommended duration of service without interruption 15-20 minutes.
Trimmers with the engine ' s top position are less reluctant to operate. They're more powerful, so they can use a cut wood with a bigger diameter. These trimmers are counted for long work. There are models with engine overheating protection.
The only minus of electrical trimmers is a limited radius of action. The manufacturer recommends the use of an electrical elongator not exceeding 50 m. Any trimmer with an electric motor cannot work in the rainy weather for electrical safety reasons.

Petrol trimmers STIHL First of all, self-contained. There's no barrier to fences and busts for which the electric cable is so confused. A sufficiently wide range from STIHL lung motos to STIHL can allow... ♪

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