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The slurry refrigerator is designed for rapid fluid spraying. Every gardener knows what a retractor is for, and can assess the benefits of using it. If you don't know that yet, you have to choose and Buy a gardener


Before you buy a retractor, you should figure out how, where and why would you use it? Depending on this, attention should be paid to a model or type of instrument.
A hand gardener is worth buying for small gardens. The slurry retractor is fit: it may contain a large volume of liquid. We meet up to 20 litres of capacity. The lung sprayer in transport doesn't take many places.
Hand sprayers are divided into pneumatic and hydraulic.
Pneumatic retractors Used in garden processing. They disperse protective equipment, herbicides and any liquid fertilizer. Pneumatic retractors will be user-friendly for small plot owners when caring for room plants.
Pneumatic retractors work with compressed air. The spray pressure will be triggered by retaliation movements of porn. When the lever(s) is applied, the liquid shall be sprayed in the form of string or fog.
Hydraulic sprayers are suitable for the treatment of plants by liquid fertilizers and protective equipment. It can be used in large gardens, gardens, forestry.
The hydraulic retractors shall be operated by compressed air from the pump bulb. The normal working pressure shall be maintained to ensure the continuous operation of the propellant. In order not to form a draught in a solution, there is a mixing device in the pump. And the tidal in the sprayer is equipped with a small sieve.
There are also garden sprayers of ranch and electrical.
Rangers Applicable to large gardens and vineyards. To wear one that's lighter behind his back, like a wounded man. An excavator can accommodate more than 15 litres of water.
Electrical injections suitable for any size. Electrical sprayers provide high-pressure liquids and moisture in large areas. Electrical injections are rightly considered to be the most efficient and productive.

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