Trimmer Echo

Echo Trimmer: More Value for

A great model of use: Over a year of dignity: Leg launch, economical, sufficiently quiet, reliable. Insufficient: Vibration is present.


In operation of season three, this year, it's been five times the whole garden and the fence around.
Two times, and the pump starts, doesn't swallow, the plug is removed and forward.
To be honest, even a candle never cracked, saw the filter two times spring and everything.
I'm fighting vibration, wearing double-employee sleeves, and they're almost out of hand, and after the 2nd tops.
I'm impressed with the same benzopyl, happy as an elephant.

Horrible use model: Over a year of dignity: Unreliable, expensive repairs

It's 3-4 times in the summer, an average of half an hour. In a year, the clutch died. Two times later, when the gas is added at high turns, it swallowed. And it's about 10 to 12 hours! The shop said it was a carburator that wasn't repaired. It's been replaced by a type of cheap Chinese almost half the price of a colic. When communicating with the servicemen, it was noted that the entire workshop had been set by almost one level of 95%. As a result, in the purchase, it was for nothing to divorce a manger about alleged Japanese trust.

A great model of use: more than a year of dignity: Leg launch, instant, light. Insufficient:-

Three years without tips, forget to pour gasoline on winter - the spring just hung up and stunned, about leaving, of course you need to lubricate the drive, wash the filter, etc., or in previous commentaries, you read that you're dead and you have to look out!

It's a great model of use: over a year of dignity: light, comfortable, boothed wood for long. Failures: Vibration, not to go anywhere, gets tired of her hands, maybe something that runs on big turns.

I don't use two seasons of evidence on the wreckage.

A great model of use: a few months. Disadvantages: not a dishwasher for transportation.

I've chosen a gasoline based on a lot of advice and positive feedback-- they're stronger and more mobile, even if they're born in a whale, but there's still a samurai-coat-all, from a 30-cm clover to an old man, a scapegoat, and other major weeds up to 1 m., a very powerful douche.

A great model of use: For more than a year, the dignity: shiny shrapnel, small branches, bushes, grass in a trawl, with a high grass, there are problems (wrapping around the cutting if you work negligently) but can be adapted. I don't know about the economy. I don't know if you have a full tank of six jugs. It starts with half speed (if gasoline is fresh), more noise (benzopila is much louder). The collection's great. Disadvantages: Vibration worries, at first you don't mind, but in a couple of hours it starts to whine a hand that burns gas. Smart to gasoline.

We bought it in the 6th, we use the third year. The only retaliation is gasoline, whether the cosil is too sensitive, or whether the gasoline's running, it's not all, it's left in the tank, it's gonna be hard to roll, or it won't even come down until fresh gasoline comes in. To reduce vibration, the belt was adjustable through the shoulder, like normal. What else... I recommend that we wrap it in the cool weather or in the humorous rain, the grass cuts like a hot butter knife and the engine doesn't overheat, it's time to fly. Don't be shy with gas.

It's a great model of use: a few months of dignity: Legkay, comfortable, well balanced, well-dressed, well-trained, first-time, steaming, fine-tunning.

I have echo 350wes, echo 4605 and gt-22. Everything's great, there's no problem.

A great model of use: A few months of dignity: Benzocos is light and mobile. Buyd for the garden and completely acquitted herself. The fuel tank (330 ml) is sufficient for one and a half hours. It's doing great, but the branches don't take, even the finest, but the woods aren't designed. It's a great collection, it says "Made in Japan" on a lot of details, and it's a shame that the collection in China, like most trimmers of that level. It's all summer without a problem. Disadvantages: Shumnovat, like all the benzos, is quite short, apparently targeting low-lying people. The leather, closing the head of the trimmer, smashing and losing the gike with the chatter. Renovated in five minutes, really, a new gike with no petals, but more reliable. During the crash, the air filter cap was removed and the filter itself fell. I've found them, I've got a lid full of insulated and normal, and I'll be able to smash them, but the roof's in pain.

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