Cultivator Sungarden

Cultivator sungarden t 35 ecode 10035825
фото Культиватор SunGarden T

SunGarden T 35 E ♪ Complex

Initial payment:

Initial payment may not exceed the value of the goods

Term of credit, mice:

Term of credit: 12 months

Initial contribution: 10%

Monthly payment credit programme

Belarusbank0 shirt.
0 rub.0 rub.
0 shirt.

  • is the holder of the OASB Belarwbank debit card, which has paid wages and equivalent income over the past three months;
  • 18 years old;
  • Bet on the last job for at least 3 months.
  • Minimum income: 1,700,000 buoys.
  • Passport or residence permit;
  • A WASB Belarusbank pay card.
  • In the OASB Belarusbank offices and the Belp Post Office;
  • Internet banquet, SMS-bank, USSD-bank, E-Pay system.

Porbank0 shirt.
0 rub.0 rub.
0 shirt.

  • 22-63 years of age;
  • At least four months ' rate at the last location;
  • Net monthly income for the last three months of at least 2 million roubles.
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