Мотокультиваторы Нева
Engine markBriggspasstratton (USA)
Power, l.s. (kW)
Mass, kg50
Number of gears1+1
Working volume, cm3163
Fuel typeNet AI - 92
Wide of cult, see60-100
Fres, / min80-120
Treatment depth, cm16
Subaru (Japan)
Fuel tank, l
Net AI 92, AI 95
Masloned, 3-level, 6-chain-chain retractor with built-in


The Nev MK-80 motto cultivator is simple in management and compact, perfect for the effective performance of normal long-term work.

MK-80 -- Nevah -- is:

- a small, reliable and productive 3-stage 6-trailer;

- Deep and fast soil frosting even with 6 tars, thanks to the transfer number of a medium that allows a high torque to be used on the outlet of the waist;

- The original design of the parking position for the fitting of the frost/coles and the economy of the storage site;

- an oxidized front support wheel for the convenience of groundwater displacement;

- Steady and maneuvered, thanks to optimal balance of weight, low centre of gravity and rigid structure;

- Professional and semi-professional hydrated engines from leading world producers provide the trust and resource of the moto cultivator;

IC-80 " Nova " performs as many agrotechnical and economic operations as possible: cultivation, maiming, reservoirs, etc.

Nev's moto cultivator MK-80 is a good choice for the six beloved.

IC 80R-C-5 motoculator 0 is compact and simple. It is suitable for the effective implementation of the work on a small, long-distance site.

  • Reliable engine;
  • Three-stage steel handler;
  • Low centre of gravity;
  • Parking position (R.F. patent)

IC 80R-C5, 0 is equipped with a three-stage rotor with optimum output turnover.

The MK 80R-C-5 motoculator, 0, has a reliable engine from a well-known world producer. Mobile capacity of the engine guarantees the quality of cultivation in any type of soil.

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