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КультиваторыThe hand cultivator for the delivery is a great help for the good master. By replacing manual labour, the cultivator will help you visualize the land much faster and more efficient, which means it will yield better crops without extra effort. The best solution for the mechanization of manual labour in the landing area will be the acquisition of a gasoline cult for VIKING. Accommodated by powerful engines, strong braces and plugo-teacher, the VIKING moto-blocks are supplied in several sets and have different light and width of seizure.

VIKING may be used for outbreaks and russeting of both permanently cultivated land and purpose. Our powerful motobs are doing great with glinist soils and black earth, showing a steady excellent result. Regardless of the model, the width of the seizure may be slightly widened, or on the contrary, reduced to enable you to draw up an optimum plan for the outbreak of the site. Use the VIKING Motoblocks in order to plug, plant, bite or dig potato, prepare soil for strawberries or even plant gas grass. You'll be able to do this quickly and easily by a powerful engine that communicates a good traction to wheels and ergonomic design with a balanced centre of gravity to reduce the operator ' s load. Separately, the available prices for propellant gasoline cultivators VIKING: the motobs of our brand are the best coupled price/quality and enjoy the well-deserved love of their owners. Depending on the scope of the work, the area and the planned cost of acquiring garden equipment, you can Choose moto cultivators from 45 cm to 80 cm wide, at a cost of 25,990 roubles.

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