Water Converter

Пульверизатор 0,5л Stenson

PURPOSE: Find out how the remote monitor works.
MATERIALS: A glass, scissors, two flexible straws.


  • Put some water in the glass.
  • Cut one straw near the gophrased part and put it vertically in the glass so that it could go 1 cm out of the water.
  • The second straw shall be so arranged that it touches the upper edge of the solo in the water. Use the gopher's warehouse on the vertical straw.
  • Strictly cross the horizontal straw.

ITOS: The water rises on the water solo and sprays in the air.
Why? The faster the air moves, the greater the decay occurs. And since the air from the horizontal straw is moving above the top cut of the vertical straw, the pressure also falls. The atmospheric air pressure in the room puts on the water in the glass, and the water rises up the solo, where it comes out as the smallest drop. When you press the rubber pear of the pulse, the same thing happens. The air from the pear passes through the tube, the pressure drops, and the air cutting causes the cologne to rise up and spray.

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