Gas Coconut Store

Gas carpet prices

Green and beautiful lawn near your house is the result of the right care and use of good technology. In doing so, the gardening equipment for gasoline should not necessarily be expensive, but it's important to find what you need to do and learn to use the gas car to give.

Gas cart is the equipment for caring for gas in parks and gardens.

Different types of gasoline are marketed. You can choose a manual gasoline, an environmentally sound electric machine, or buy a gasoline cuter or diesel engine.

How to pick a gasoline.

The selection of herbs is determined not only by the area of gasoline but also by the complexity of the relay and the type of grass and handicrafts.

If you have a small area, you can pick a gasoline for an air pillow. This type of equipment makes it possible to pump the inclines fairly.

Rotary gasolines can be recommended for large areas. They have excellent productivity and are very reluctant to operate. However, with their help, it is not always possible to achieve the perfect result, especially if your precinct is uneven, with a lot of grassy pieces, bougroes and vaginas.

Cylindrical gasoline is the best in terms of productivity and quality of leaching. With a 30-40-cm down width, they provide a regular slash of the lawn for one passage and deal with the artisanal and rigid grass.

Additional " technology " is important. In addition to adjusting the height of the grass, reversing the wheels and scrubbing the grass into the grass, the grass can also be bragged by the ability to mud the dried masses and to smash the soil. This technique is professional, and its price is always higher and depends on the number of additional skills and skills.

Assortment of gas-care equipment at the Kuvald store.

At the Cuvalda store, you will always find equipment for domestic and professional use. We have all kinds of gas coconuts, from mini-trimers to full-fledged " professionals " in gas caring.

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