Vulnerators And Motorblocks

Motors and cultivators
Все мотоблоки и
Мотоблоки и культиваторыAlthough motobs and cultivators are very similar, they are still two different types of equipment.

Cultivators are relatively simple in design, their main purpose is to cultivate the land with comas and cut the roots of weeds, and additional possibilities are more than the rule. Such aggregates should be chosen for relatively small areas where hard work is not required. Most cultivators are non-self-propelled, except for the most advanced models.

Motoblocks are in fact small hand tractors with broad capabilities: cultivation, outbreak, catering, snow clearance, cargo transport and other. This type of device is designed primarily for large land areas; it is for this type of device. Motolocks are worth Pay attention to those who work professionally on the ground. All the moths are self-propelled.

Different types of engines are used in motobs and cultivators. Petrol engines are low, simple and suitable for most tasks, because they are common among both types. Diesel is a little more difficult in operation and repair, but fuel is much cheaper than " stretch " at low turns, and therefore for heavy load (in the form of deep flares) it is best to take the diesel model. Such engines are only installed in the motoblocks.

Electric motors are only equipped with cultivators. This is the simplest, " green " and cheap type of engine, but the ability of such aggregates is limited to the length of the network plug or, in the case of batteries, to a low charge time. It is therefore recommended that they be purchased if the size of the plot is small and the absence of exhaust is critical.

The optimum width of treatment depends on the characteristics of the area where the aggregates are planned. For large open spaces, the " breadth " of the model would be the best, and if the form of the site was complex, with a large number of limited spaces, it would be more convenient to have a small-scale model. There are also universal options where the width of treatment can be altered by removing or establishing an instrument. It is only necessary that the engine power be sufficient: it is considered that a minimum capacity of 1 l.s. (735 W) is required for every 20 cm of width.

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