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If you're looking for an answer to the question of the cultivator where to buy, you're on our website, you're on the right address. On the SadTech Internet store, you'll find it hard to choose the necessary model. All you need is to know the key parameters of the device. That's why the redneck will remind me what it is. Cultivator and what His variety's coming out.

The cultivator is an aggregation that allows the treatment and visualization of the soil. It can also be used for snorting and for the control of weeds and for the uniform distribution of fertilizers at the site. It should be noted that cultivators in Moscow are represented in a variety of ways. The main characteristics are engine type and weight. It is these parameters that classify the aggregates, which facilitates the search for the necessary model.

Weight of cultivator and models

The weight of the device is important as it affects its capacity and functionality, which means the amount of time spent on processing the site. If a cultivator is to be purchased for compact production, it is worth giving preference to light class models. Such devices do not take many places and are conveniently transported. These cultivators will facilitate pre-plant soil processing and help to cope with the sliding between streams and trees. It should be noted, however, that due to the small weight of the aggregate, a little more effort will have to be made to deepen the soil.

If a cultivator needs to be bought for up to 12 junctures, attention should be paid to middle class aggregates. This option is ideal if you are looking for a sustainable and highly productive model that does not require much effort. This device is most suitable for areas where soil has not been processed for long periods. The models weigh a lot (approximately between 30 and 60 kg) and therefore work in hard-to-reach places will be difficult.

If you're looking for an aggregate to work in a field or on a big farm, you should buy a heavy class cult in Moscow. This is the most powerful aggregation, the most effective in solid soil processing and in cultivating large areas. Moreover, efforts will hardly be required to deepen the ground.

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