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Поршневая группа на мотокосу

As we know, the real English lawn in Kyiv is very easy to grow: it just needs to be cut every day and polish. Three hundred years in a row. It's clear that you can't do this alone, you need a reliable assistant, a motocos. The garden area is easy to contain if the aggregate is in the farm. But whatever quality it is, you're gonna need to buy some parts for the moto coconut sooner or later. Don't worry about it without a regular replacement of the flower. Naturally, all the owners of these aggregates are trying to find expendables and parts for motocos as cheap as possible, and we offer the most appropriate prices on our Internet store. It's about the procurement and the wholesale, and the discord. Parts for motos in Ukraine and, in particular, in Kyiv are well-required, so we keep filling our range in all parts. We're offloading orders on a daily basis, so the delivery of your purchase to Kiev and other cities won't take long.

Choice of motocos spare parts

Sure, perfect. - to buy original parts, but to find them in Kiev, and especially in the shops of small remote cities, it's hard enough, and the cost is high enough. It's much easier to order analogs or to pick up the spare parts on the relevant characteristics. For example:

  • Partial parts for the engine of the moto coconut - when selected, are oriented to the diameter of the cylindra or the porcine, the configuration of the pork skirt is important;
  • Carburetors - diameter of intake windows and general design;
  • The elements of the ignition system are very often interchangeable and costly in Kiev, so these parts are easy to pick;
  • Fuel tanks - when selected, they should be taken into account by boarding the cartel;
  • Transfer elements - they are selected according to the shape of the lead vala;
  • Fuel filters differ in size and diameter of the fuel hose.

Motocos forests Different diameter and form of section (star, diaper, circle, square, rumb). These indicators are largely dependent on their endurance. Another consumable is a knife. It's used to cut and rock bites, thick pot and even young trees. Motocos knives can be different in diameter, dilute and number of teeth.

If the choice of any motoc part in Kiev or another town makes you difficult, our phone managers will help you get the details and order.

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