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Мотоблоки Кентавр-недорогие

Мотоблок бензиновый Тарпан с двиг. HamermanNothing found on this request.

  • Petrol tank

    Tarpan's moving. Hamerman

    11,990,000 roubles.

    1 199 rubles.

    Plug and chain to the Shadow!

    Goods code: 13133

    Add to

  • Tarpan's moving. Briggs everywhereStratton

    13,090,000 roubles.

    1,309 rubles.

    Goods code: 13132

  • Motolock


    13,490,000 roubles.

    1,349 rubles.

    Goods code: 11803

  • Weima WM 1,000

    13,310,000 roubles.


    Мотоблок Угра НМБ-1Н7Goods code: 12489

It's loaded. ♪ ♪

You can buy a motorblock in Minsk at the price of a direct provider on the basis of an interest-free break up to six months without a bank!

* The items covered by an interest-free spread are marked by a special 0 per cent mark.

Main functions of motobs

Motorblock is a universal and low-cost device that enables mechanization and facilitation of the work of farmers, dormitories and gardeners. All models presented in this section are easily aggregated with a large number of hinged equipment. On the motob we bought, you can work for a year! With additional equipment, a motob can swap land, collect potatoes, make composts, do landscape work and clean snow in winter. And that's not all! Below, we have tried to list all the functions and possibilities of the motobs we sell:

  • Soil smell and bleaching (for this purpose we advise the motob to buy plugs);
  • Intermediate processing of vegetables;
  • Potato, beetle and other vegetables;
  • The marking of the streets and the cleaning of the snow (in addition, brushes and dumps are added to the engine);
  • Transport of goods. A motorblock with a trailer attached to it is sufficiently strong and capable;
  • I'll take care of the gas. Your precinct will always be a hidden and happy eye if you buy a cosil to the motob.

Agro park-M sells motobs on credit and no interest without a bank! We'll get you the best! Don't limit yourself to the price, Buy a motob. and hungry equipment to him depending on your needs, and our qualified consultants will help you make the right choice. All our shares on the motobs are valid not only for the organizations, but also for private individuals! You can not only use our Minsk stores, but also a courier across Belarus!

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