Mechanical Gasoline Feedback

Механическая газонокосилка


For regular care of a small section with a flat gas grass, there are no complex petrol or electric aggregates. This task will easily be accomplished by a mechanical gasoline.

It's just set up, two-wheeled by a skin (shell) with a cut head. As a rule, it is a spindle type, it is one fixed knife and several alcoholic blades mounted on the drum. When the gasoline is moved on the surface of the gasoline, the torque from the wheels through the upward refrigerator shall be transmitted to the drum. The stalks of the grass, falling into the gap between the two knives, are scrubbly cut along the usual scissors.

With all the simplicity, mechanical often become an indispensable tool in the household, as many have dignity:

  • Механическая газонокосилка Husqvarna 64 Novo CutThe small weight (5-10 kg) and the dimensions of the gasoline make it a very mobile tool.
  • The purity of the grass is higher than that of the gasoline with the transmission. The gas is very careful and not yellow after the haircut.
  • The work does not require any energy sources or refuelling of the HSM, nor does it require a fairly ordinary, small human effort.
  • The staircase is not accompanied by any noise or exhaust.
  • It's the safest of all the lawn. Work does not require any special training and is full of any complementation.
  • Dishevine, it's very real to purchase such a garden machine for 2, 3,300 roubles.

Among the shortcomings, it is only difficult to process large areas of space. Furthermore, the absence of a transmission makes it impossible to use certain options.

Механическая газонокосилка Champion MM4025 Механическая газонокосилка Husqvarna 54
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