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Electrical cultivators (electoralists)
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Would you like to ease the work of processing land? The Internet magazine, Sadovnik, invites you to buy a reliable electric cultivator. Such an aggregation would be perfect for work at the dock or the landing. With the use of an electric cult, you will significantly reduce the time and effort to process the land.

Description and purpose of the goods

The electric cultivator presented in the photo is designed for mechanized processing of land and can greatly facilitate the work of the horticulture breeder. It can bleach the soil under the tree, in the lad or on the clumbia, and perform the tasks of a scarificer, arator. Acquisition of such an assistant mechanizes most of the hard work on the landing. Despite small sizes, such an electorate handles well the pre-plant preparation of the soil, the mixing of fertilizers and the swelling of streams. The electric cultivator is particularly comfortable in small areas and gardens where there is an electrical network nearby. These machines are equipped with light but reliable motors ranging from 1,000 to 1,500 watts, weighing to 35 kg. The buttons shall be started with a single compression and operated with the help of the user. The engine ' s ability to operate is not affected by weather conditions or by long-term easy conditions. Sad electric cultivators are very comfortable to store and transport because of their small size and weight. A teenager or a pensioner will be easily managed. Electrical mines cultivators There are only two shortcomings. One of them is due to its small weight - it cannot cultivate the purpose, but only to the previously erupted soil. The second is the limitation of the area covered by the length of the electrical cables. However, all of this is compensated by a number of advantages and is not implemented specifically. It is not easy to use petrol-fuelled cultivators on every site that gives exhaust and noise, and it makes it impossible to use such a device, for example in greenhouses.

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