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Tramp: description and characteristics
Культиватор Тарпан

Культиватор ТарпанAnyone who seriously contemplates the purchase of a moto cultivator must meet the Tarpan religion: the description and characteristics are attached below in the article.


Basic data of the moto cultivator:

  • one-operative;
  • one-speed;
  • Construction involves the selection of capacity;
  • Engine BS;
  • clutch centralized, automated;
  • A mass of 45 kg.


All motorblocks are considered to be an aggregation established in 1983 at the Tulamaszavod by Engineer Uymin P.N. and his team. The landlord has done very well with practical tasks and has gone to work on the Tul region, to the Chernobyl region.Процесс работы Motolock worked with rotary cosils, but eventually they were replaced by frontal, which is safer. After the invention of frontal cosils, they were released to the market. All right, the first hundred cultivators, front manoeuvring cosils, went to the field.

There was no development on the ground, and 1990 was pleased with all the production of the Roose Motocles on the same Tulamaszavod. It was equipped with the Roose engine from the cargo motorcycle.

kultivator_tarpan_02The Rusus has ceased to be in operation since 1991, as a simpler model was developed at that time. They called her Tarpan. The engineers of Scherbakov E.N. and Svinarenko V.I. became inventors of the new model and, since May of the same year, have worked hard to improve their child. All technological functions were carefully selected, experienced samples were produced, the equipment was considered, the future price of the product was calculated. The finished copies were rolled in the factory.

In 1995, the production of motobs became unprofitable and the production stopped. The enthusiasm engineers led by Bessonov A.N. have created an improved option. As a result of the efforts of Ananyev, 1996 was the year of the acquisition of two Briggs Satellites.kultivator_tarpan_08 On the basis of their designer, they released a new engine with a Zaokean engine and tested it in the Sunnyard at the main testing station. Autumn 1996 was a success, the motoblocks recommended serial production, requesting only a couple of refinements. All the testers' wishes for the design have been taken to the life of the Kurds. The technology work was done by Hohlov. All the price and final price issues on the motobs were resolved by the economist of Sigaeva, who spoke personally with each aggregation specialist on possible changes to reduce costs. Work has led to a downgrading plan Motocles prices

kultivator_tarpan_05 kultivator_tarpan_06
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