Tramp Culitator

Tums-mk-04 - withdrawal
Культиватор Тарпан TM3-MK-03 с

This aggregation came from us in 2011. They thought that instead of digging the earth with a shovel in the spring and fall, it was a miracle of technology.

The Tarpan TMZ-MK-04 motoculator is designed to handle the land.

Motoblock's blowing the earth with two sharpened tarps. After each treatment, they are desirous of being cleared of the land and stitched sin and other vegetation.

The moto cultivator works from petrol. We can fill 95 and 92. I'm running 92, it's fine.

The motorblock is very heavy - it's very difficult for one to move it from the rig to the bay. Although there's a way to place a tarp instead of a tarp, but if it's a few, you're gonna have to move it in and out.

When you fall into this aggregate, you need to keep your hands up a little bit, so the moto cultivator doesn't get into the ground, otherwise it's gonna be hard to get him out.

Motoblock's easy to deal with, and he's about to move in any sedan car.

In addition, such a motob has a common problem, like all the other cultivators of this type, leaving many weeds after it. In this case, the shovel wins.

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