Internet Gasoline

3 most frequent critical site errors
Интернет магазин газонокосилок

I've been through a lot of websites and each of them has its own problems, every site is unique, just as every developer systematically makes mistakes. But there are a few problems that I meet on sites most often and which are being corrected in 100% of cases without exception.

Mistake 1 - re-optimization

Since then, the seo scheme has been enriched, the optimizer takes a set of keys and distributes it on several main, top-page pages of the site, usually the main and 3-10 substantive sections. It turns out that every page has 10 to 30 keys, but that's not the problem. The main problem is that all of these keys are trying to force the poor little page, making it softly rethinkable. The keys are located wherever possible, in the keitle, in the cavords, descryption, in H1-3, in Alt, pictures, etc.

I think you've seen the look-by-view trails on several occasions:

Buy a gasoline in Moscow а the price of a gasoline ого a low-cost gasoline ого Internet Blah, blah, blah.

Shit, that's bullshit! For these websites, they fall under the filter. And if they don't, it means the site has a good margin of strength, and it's enough to put the pages in order as the positions go up, up and up.

It's been a while since the text spam. Time must be entirely customer-oriented, no key listing. I would advise you to keep it in a range of 100 to 120 symbols (referred to a duck of 60 to 70 symbols and smiles) and to avoid completely the symbols that break the range, the type of point and the comma. But also avoid a vertical line, because in Yandex's eyes, it's been a long time since it's been a spam indicator. Adequate laundry and two-two. And don't put a point at the end of the shuttle, it's too much!

It's a rudiment that anyone who fills it is a student.

Discryption is making the same sense and trying to use the keys we didn't get into the shuttle but never repeat the same.

H1 is similar, but it is not necessary to make it long, up to 100 symbols, otherwise it becomes unreadable and moves into a text spam.

H2-3 is quite similar.

We forget about making keys fat and straight, like a scary dream. It's important to separate the text blocks and it doesn't have to be the keys.

The question is, how do you put a lot of keys on the page? No way, just don't do it, and it's a long time ago. If you don't have the guts, you can use the huge strings while it's working for Yandex while...

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