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Электрическая несамоходная

The green gasoline planted on the cottage is very vibrant, but it requires regular and timely sludge to maintain it in perfect condition. To ensure that the clouded area does not become an arrogant sorrow of the floor, the Sad Assistant Internet magazine offers to purchase low-cost high-quality gasoline. We sell products of known German, Swedish, Italian and Chinese brands such as AL-KO, Stiga, Makita, MTD, Ariens, Champion, Caiman et al. Our catalogue presents cosils in a wide price range, from budget options to premium models. Among the wide range of our store, you will certainly be able to find a suitable model depending on the area of treatment, the variety and height of the grass.

Mechanical gasoline. These are non-self-propelled equipment, which has not undergone any special positive changes in its years of existence. These are not only the cheapest gasolines, but also the greenest, simple ones in operation and maintenance.

Electrical Environmental, practically silent installations that are simple to service. The availability of a network cab is somewhat constrained by the mobility of cosics, and most of them in stores are purchased for relatively small gas units.

Petrol, high-producing equipment, which does not depend on the external power source, as in the case of the previous type. The installations are suitable for large areas. The cosils have sufficient weight and make a lot of noise when operating.

Front gas cars. Such equipment is equipped with segmental knives that are well managed not only with decorative gas, but also with high and stern grass.

Our gas coconut store offers a quick and easy order online. If you need advice on the choice of equipment, contact our managers on the numbers on the website. Our clients can. Buy gasoline In Moscow and other cities, and to obtain goods with delivery to that address.

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