Spare Parts For Gardening Equipment

Soda technician: gasoline, moto cultivators and motobs
БИБЕР 99408 Колесо для

САДОВАЯ ТЕХНИКАThe part of our products presented in this section is primarily intended for people engaged in agriculture: farmers, rural residents and lucky people. Wider spectrum Motocles and cultivatorswhere we trade, domestic and foreign producers have been set up to facilitate the work of the household and the farm subway. Motorblocks and moto cultivators are in themselves very multifunctional, but with hinged and additional equipment that we also have on sale, the possibilities of this agricultural machinery are becoming even greater.
For the perfect order amateurs at the precinct and landscape design professionals, we offer. huge choice of gas coconuts both electric and gasoline.
The snowboarders are meant to save your time and to facilitate work during the winter. We've got you, including a sales hit... Husqvarna: On the wheel, on the track, on the chassis, on the surface of the mini-actors and on the self-propelled hybrid powertrain.
You can choose a garden tech for the production of such firms as Husqvarna, MTD, Cub Cadet, Wolf Garten, Bolens, Yard-Man, Yard Machines, Huter and Herz. Russian Federation Orthodox cultivators and Neva, Oka, Urga, Neva, salute with engine selection, garden parts.
Meet our playlists. Our prices are going to surprise you.

We are selling and delivering gardening equipment to all regions of the Russian Federation and to the nearest Podmoskovoy (-10 km from ICAD) free of charge!


  • EK-3 electric trainers
  • EC-2 electric trainers
  • NEWA EK-100 electric cultivators
  • Wolf Garten C 30E
  • MTD T 30E
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