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Hüter Elektrische Technik GmbH, one of the most well-known companies in the production of electricity and gardening equipment, started its operations in 1979 from the founding of the Northhausen plant in Germany. The first product she produced was a gasoline mini power station. The Hüter Company ' s equipment was created by the best German engineers, as demonstrated by the high quality of production. All products of this stamp meet the requirements of Russian and international standards and are subject to thorough quality control over domestic rigid requirements. Hüter is produced in China despite the fact that the German flag is painted on their label.
The German trademark HUTER has been marketed in the Russian market since the early 2000s and has been recognized by consumers throughout the country. The main areas of production are electrical generators and gardening equipment, where HUTER is one of the market leaders.
All articles under the HUTER brand meet the requirements of Russian and international standards. Also, all products are subject to rigorous quality control by internal rigid requirements. This is a key to the quality of the product delivered.
Portable electric generators, both gasoline and diesel, and motor converters are represented in the HUTER equipment line; trimmers and gasoline; benzopyls; snow-walling equipment; high pressure mechanics.
Together with the HUTER Garden and Parking Technician, the gardens and sections will welcome you with their purity and purity.
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