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How do you fill a benzotrimmer? If you bought a trimmer. ♪ ♪.

How do you fill a benzotrimmer?
If you bought a trimmer, and the instructions in the kit are in English only, you don't need to get off. In this article, you'll find an answer to the nutrient question - how to correctly gasoline the moto. First, we'll get to know the Benzotrimmer engine device. Orchard engines are usually two-stroke. It means that the equipment responds faster when the gas pen is pressed. The construction of a two-stroke engine is easier, and gasoline needs to be mixed with oil. Gasoline and oil are stored separately in the four-stroke engine. Trimmers with four-stroke engines are rare, most often professional motocos.
How do you fix a two-stroke tanker?
(1) The trimmer gasoline is not lower than AI-92 and high-quality oil. The oil shall be special for two-stroke air cooling engines. It is not acceptable to use oil for water cooling engines, the use of the last oil type may lead to a trimmer with insufficient cooling and a fracture. The trimmer oil shall conform to JASO or API classifications.
(2) You need a fresh mixture of gasoline and oil to fill the trimmer tank. The mixture shall not be stored for more than three months. Consumption of oil and gasoline: 1 part of oil, 40 petrol. Fixing liquids directly in the fuel tank and " in the eye " is not possible. We need to do this in a special tank with a merciful division. If not complying with this rule, the engine may become unstable and the engine may fail.
(3) Combination process : one part of the oil is poured into the capacity of the capacity, then 20 parts of the petrol are added to it and intermittently and carefully. Twenty more parts of petrol are then added to the mixture and mixed again.
If there's not enough oil in the engine, it'll lead to a lack of lubrication, the porch and the cylindra mirror will be suffocated, and the string group will be damaged. If, on the contrary, the oils add a lot, the engine may be encrypted (delays on the interior of the engine).
(4) Fill the fuel tank. To this end, we have a lid up and fill the tank capacity to the required volume. It's hard to obey the lid. Engine's ready for work. When you're switched on, you're gonna have to make sure the fuel mix fills the pump.
How do you fix a tanker with a four-stroke engine?

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