16 july 2016. it
опрыскиватель садовый

// I'm very lazy about this writing, I can't think, m.b. someday later.
Short of what you've noticed and can be noted:
* Girls, and in general, people are more in contact than if they're just on the street, because there's a context
* Girls are much more openly telescope, it blows a little brain because they let themselves touch, a pen of legs, etc., kiss in the cheek, apparently because of their little age and their crushing into an event, like fun, etc. I think they can even be kissed in their lips, and they'll be fine. That's what I'm thinking. ♪
* You can make a lot of emissions in a short time
♪ There's something to be taken, there's always a move, like, and people can be understood, with girls
* Girls are easily included in the conversation, if you know how to communicate is a good place to meet and practice
♪ it's easy for guys too, they're pretty common
♪ You can cut a bottle
♪ I could even ask for a water gun-- I got girls to shoot a little bit... ♪ with which I wrote down my hand
♪ Getting away from the battle can be easily thrown away... the same people walk away looks like the younger girl, the more she's televised at the beginning. There's a border of 13 to 14 years, younger than this is childhood, that's where she's not taken for a girl. I'm surprised in the Krasnodar, too-- you're just touching her, and she doesn't mind, and that's it.
// Or rather, it's not even at age, but in experience, the less experience the girl has with the boys, the more open it is, you're just going to be one of the first and you haven't lost it yet.
2. After the battle, there's a few ounces.
3. I spilled everything from the camera to the laptop, renamed the raw pieces.
4. Showed and published three excerpts.
5. Three pages of the self-development concept are rewritten (NFPs)
6. One and a half hour and a half, I've been talking about questions from a guy who knows about the car.
♪ the headphones found others ♪
New bottle for water
/ Weapons for the water battlegardenerby the way, it was broken.
+500 roubles (427 roubles and 73 roubles left)
New girls, new experiences
* A small leap and contribution to positive self-awareness

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