Customary Cultivator

The science teacher is:

- Customary cultivator, occupier cult...

- by cultivating a teacher, cultivating an actor of a teacher...

- a hinged potato, cabbage, tomato. It is also used for rusting between rites, destroying weeds in the protective zone, inserting mines in rows, fertilizers, cloths. There are 4, 6 and 8 rows. Osna, the nodes of the frame, the agricultural epidemiological vocabulary

Cucumber cultivator, hinged agricultural instrument for potato, cabbage, tomato. It is also used for rusting between rites, destroying weeds in the protective zone, inserting mineral fertilizers into the rows, and cuttings. C. Oh... Agriculture. Large encyclopedic dictionary

- Vegetable propeller CN 4, 2 for intermediary treatment of propane crops: 1 ной transverse bruis; 2 ное support wheel; 3 ное section of working bodies; 4 ительный tube; 5 очный underweight knife; 6 ительный connective valley; ... ... Agriculture. Large encyclopedic dictionary

- c. x. soil bleaching, weeding, snorting and rinding. K. is assigned to divide: steam for full soil processing and propellant for intermediary treatment of propellant crops; by means of connection to the tractor on ...

- The cultivator, the cult dummy...

- Oh, man. Agricultural instrument for potato injection and feeding. Kultivator, oh, the vocabulary of the Fire. S.I. Fire, N.Y. Schweedov. 1949 1992 ...

- Soil bleaching, weed destruction and mineral fertilizer application. K. is assigned to: steam (Figure 1) for solid soil treatment; soil sludge and weed destruction in... Big Soviet encyclopedia.

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