Tornado Manual Cultivator

Ручной культиватор

We conclude dealers with trade rights in the region.

A description of the Tornado manual cultivator:

Ручной культиватор

We propose that the Tornado cultivator be ordered to solve the problem of soil treatment by this convenient modern instrument.
We are building a Tornado cultivators ' marketing network and providing our dealers with product information and marketing materials. Details can be obtained by telephone

Tornado - indigenous with vast potential

It's suitable for land spraying, breathing and weed removal.

Buy Tornado cultivator Means the complete opposite of gasoline and electrical aggregates, irreversible and expensive in repair.

He's just in charge and service, so even a child can work with him if he wants.

What is Tornado cultivator?

The handler is a metal rod, one end of which is a convenient pen and the other is dentals located against the clock arrow relative to the bar.

And that's all, no expensive parts, no fuel tanks!

The simplicity of the design made it as cheap as possible to buy a hand cult as possible for less than 1,000 roubles. The working principle of the instrument is very simple: you establish it perpendicular to the ground and turn around your axis by putting teeth into the soil.

At the same time, the load is evenly distributed to the hands, back, shoulders, feet and abdomen. Consequently, the sense of fatigue is decreasing and productivity is increasing. This is the main difference between Tornado's scapula and the conventional instrument with which the main load is experienced by the back muscles.

The cultivator is more comfortable than the cap because a long pen doesn't have to be cloned or cut. The cultivator ' s device enables the soil to be treated with minimal effort and is suitable for landing even an abandoned area.

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