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New comfortable and light motoc with an ergostart launch device of 0.8 kW
Ранцевая мотокоса

Применение FS 50 C-EA new light motoc with a simplified launch procedure. Very comfortable launch by ErgoStart (E). A handbag with a T-shaped rifle. It's very good to cut the lawns and clear the area around trees, roads, stairs at the garden.

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FS 50 C-EImplementation options


Products and data may differ depending on export performance. Constructive and technological modifications of the instrument and the desalination, as well as price changes, are possible.

Technical data

Working volume, cm3 27, 2 CW power 0, 8 Простой наплечный ременьL.S. power. 1, 1 Weight kg (1) 4, 5 Sound pressure level with plastic dB(A) 2) 93 Sound level, with plastic dB(A) 2) 108 Level of vibration on the left with plastic instrument m/s2 (3) 6 Right vibration level, with plastic instrument m/s2 (3) Универсальный ремень ADVANCE5, 7 Total length m (4) 145 Standard Reading Instrument AutoCut C5-2 Let's get a tank l 0, 34 Speed at Pmax w/min 8.500

(1) No fuel, no beetle and protection
(2) K-coefficient according to RL 2006/42/EG = 2, 5 dB(A)

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