What Kind Of Moth Is Better

How do you choose a cultivator to give, what to look at before the acquisition?
Какой мотокультиватор лучше

Как выбрать культиватор для дачи: на что смотреть перед приобретением?In order to facilitate their long-standing cotton, the foreseeable masters acquire all possible equipment. Soil aggregates are particularly targeted because they require not only annual excavations, but also breathing, rustling, weed removal, etc. And in this case, there's no cultivator to give. But they have so many options that it's hard to choose the most appropriate. It's important to take into account how you plan to use it, how difficult it is on sites and how often. Analyse existing types of cultivators in terms of their most beneficial use.

Ручной культиваторDespite the obvious mechanization of long-term work, don't rush to drop the bills as useful as a manual cultivator. It will be necessary in the places where the wheels will not pass, in the alpine mountains, flowers, slabs, near the fence and so forth. For the life of flowers and years, the soil needs to be periodically eroded to produce more oxygen. You can't process the tech rosary, because you can damage the surrounding plants and turn around just nowhere. So, in the very smallest places, he comes to help. manual cultivator

Культиватор-рыхлительStar (rotation)

His cutting machine is a waltz on which discs are found, reminding stars. The handler is put on a long pen to move the soil without bending. Using a non-responsive disk form, the instrument cuts into the soil and seizes it by raising and slightly turning. Weeds are also flying along with the ground.

They are very comfortable to move high cucumbers, to burrow potatoes, towed locally by hand (e.g., horticulture), to cultivate soil under steam on gas or clumbs, etc.

Легкий культиваторThe only lack of a tool is the heavy, crust-covered land. He can't break the glinist soil.


Represents a device with three or five insulated teeth fixed at the ends. They are easily " scrambled " in the morning or rainy soil, breaking the crust. When you work, you have to swing and leave a cult so that your teeth can deepen into the ground, and then pull it. There are models on long punctures (for the garden) and short (for pulmonary sludge in boxes and room plants).

In addition to manual models, petrol or electric motors are produced.

Depending on power and weight, they are divided into three groups: light, light (average) and heavy. But you can't tell me which one of the "having" groups is the best cultivator, because each has its advantages and minus.

Электрический культиватор Культиватор средней мощности
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