Motocles To Buy A Basket

Buy some motobs in a cheap mosquito
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The motorblock is a single-axle-breathing machine of a rotary type used for gardening and gardening. It has a low centre of gravity, slightly shifted forward, which makes it sustainable and prevents the flooding during work. Motorblocks have several front speeds and at least one rear, which allows for optimum operating mode.

Design features

The engine design consists of the engine, the transmission, the control and the running part. The device is equipped with a set of tarps and devices: a limitor (shoes) to change the depth of soil processing, hinged equipment to use aggregates for different operations - outbreaks, injections, cultivation, extraction of roots and transport of goods and other works. Blade or brush may be used to clean up the territory.

When buying an aggregation at Moscow stores, attention should be paid to the engine characteristics and the set of hinged equipment that can be used. There should also be protection of the editor against land and other foreign objects.


The garden motos are divided into several groups:

Overclothes are up to 20 kg of weight, with removable pens and two-stroke engines up to 2 l.s. working on oil and gas mixtures in different proportions. The simplicity of operation is different, the width of seizure is between 25 and 30 cm, and is intended to treat small sections in the dock (15 to 20 flow).

The lungs are a mass of up to 60 kg, with a width of 50 to 90 cm. Engine (usually 4-stroke) up to 4 l.s. fuelled with Ai-76 or Ai-92, 95. The models may use two method of tension of the actuated belt: the change of the engine relative to the nickname and the use of the tension roll.

Average weight is up to 100 kg and up to 7 l.s., usually equipped with two front and one rear speed, which allows for successful manoeuvres on plots densely planted. They're capable of breathing deep and digging hard soil. Possibly equipped with a range of soil-producing instruments: cultivator, boron, corn, etc. There are models with a reinforced handler and a high-density belt.

Heavy weighs over 100 kg, equipped with an engine of 7-16 ls. Used in farms and utilities. In addition to soil processing, a wide range of tasks can be applied: cleaning large areas from snow, transporting large cargo, etc. Additional equipment may be used: senosils, pluga, occupiers, borons, trailers, adapter etc.

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