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Top 5 improvised cultivators: how to build aggregates with their hands

Топ 5 самодельных культиваторов: как сконструировать агрегат своими рукамиSometimes vegetables and fruit are actually more profitable to buy in a store. But as a product grown by its own hands, it's always more confident. Besides, working on the ground increases life tones if you do it with your mind. But hard physical work is not always useful, especially for those who get used to working in the office. For spring cotton to be pleasant and not too burdensome, little mechanization is needed. Modern tech can certainly be bought, but it turns out that, for example, a cultivator with his hands is quite simple. Make sure.

Tornado is a manual cultivator that can and should be done with his hands. Having such a device that resembles sparkly forks, you can forget the endless fighting with weeds. The sound of the instrument is in the corner, and then Tornado has to turn and lift.Культиватор Торнадо To this end, there is no need for redundancy because Tornado has a lever instead of a normal pen.

Everyone's good with this great root, but acquainting with his store price can make a wish to be his owner. There's nothing complicated about that device. Tornado Cultural You can do it on your own and even a few different ways.

Tornado of spring steel

Вилообразная часть ТорнадоWe'll need a steel ribbon 50 cm, 1-1, 5 mm thick and 2 cm wide. For our purpose, it's best to use springing steel. We cut the tape in the form of a hinge and attach to the wooden log of the instrument. The length of the linear is determined by the growth of the owner: the instrument must be convenient. You can make a lever like a store root. The working steel loop shall be produced with a diameter of 20 cm, slightly less than the width of the intersection. The end of the loop is stunned by a two-sided napkin.

Изготовление рычага для ТорнадоSorniaks are forks.

If Tornado looks like villas, why don't it be the usual tool for all the gardeners and make a manual cult with its hands? We'll buy some normal fork at the hardware store and give the teeth of this tool the right bend with a hammer. In general, the instrument should be reminded of its own pattern. It's important to take your time and act carefully.

The lever will need a half-metre cut of the plastic pipe. We're buying in a store and a plastic pen for a cherries used for a fork or a shovel. We cut the pipe along, put it on the handle and secure the insolent so that it doesn't slip. Now the lever is about 25 cm from the line on both sides.

The slice handler will help with the weeds and greatly facilitate the life of any gardener. It's harder than Tornado, but not much.

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