Buy a gasoline oleo-mac k 35 - profitable prices
Газонокосилка Oleo-Mac MAX 48
A great model of use: more than a year of dignity: Legka, everywhere. A liver. Suffered six years of barbaric treatment. Insufficient: Slobovato takes high and fat grass.


Council 1-2 times during the season, remove the upper skin, clear the area near the engine. Laugh. Do breaks, don't let's get warm.

Normal use model: Less than a month of dignity: Her price and small dimensions: Lost in bunker assembly, not for low-energy, because two plastic halfs are hard to connect together.

Easy, easy, but weak. If the grass is thick, the engine's damply stopping from a massive pot. We need to turn and get this guy out of the rifle by hand, which is not convenient. I'm sure the models of 1, 5 quat are more confident.

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