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Rabbit gasoline: 55,000 roubles, feedback and choices
  • Broad possibilities. All gasoline boots can drain grass not only on the open but also in hard-to-reach areas (e.g. bench). This is possible because of the compact size of the equipment, even the largest model (Wiper One X LT 9L 3BL) does not exceed 67 cm.
  • Probability of work in a given mode♪ With a control panel, you can have time to cut the grass with robot gasoline. Once the tech system's in place, it's when it's convenient for the owner.
  • Accommodation height adjustment♪ By selecting a minimum value (26 cm), a perfectly regular lawn can be obtained; 46 cm will be optimistic if the equipment is used to slide grass to make a hay on winter.
  • Protection of weather change♪ A special sensor has been set up for technical safety. It responds to changes in the humidity of the air: if the rain starts, the gasoline boot stops instantly to avoid short circuits.
  • Use. When the function of " carving " , the knives blend the plants into a homogeneous mass that would be useful for soil fertilization. You don't have to pick them up after the robot walks.

With the possibility of moving on its own, the robot-hazone coconut has become more popular with the practical people, to be sure enough by reading their feedback. Although the price of robotic gasoline is high, users are comfortable using this technique. We can get some good models on our Internet store by phone:

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