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The manual refrigerator(s) ensures uniform discharge of the liquid, mainly for plant sludge and for home decoratives.

Hand sprayers

There are two types of manual sprayers:

  • Domestic - for home use
  • The gardens work with them at the precinct or the garden.

Volume Hand sprayer is between 1, 5 and 8 litres. It can be used once to shed garden-coloured cloams, fruit trees and bushes, and no water will be needed. The characteristic of hand-held sprayers for gardens is that fertilizers or dispensation chemicals can be poured.

Domestic manual injections less volume, 1-1, 5 litre. They use them in apartments, offices and private houses. They are needed primarily for the care of flowers and other decorative plants. But a manual retractor can also be used to humidate the air in the room or to plug the laundry to wet the tissue.

Hand sprayers

  • Competitiveness and convenience♪ Small dimensions allow rapid movement with a hand-operated spray across the whole section or apartment. If the container volume exceeds 8 litres, the wheels for transport shall be added to the model.
  • Efficiency. Any manual dispenser has several straps, ranging from a drop to a powerful flow. Suffice the head of the remote reservoir and set the necessary intensity to water the garden or decorative plants in good quality.
  • Safety of operation. All tanks are manufactured from polypropylene (high temperature solid material) with the addition of polyethylene and aluminium. Polypropylene of spray manual garden Works with chemical fertilizers without harm to human health.
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